Experience the Internet of Things

SolidSense Edge Gateway is a family of enterprise Internet of Things gateways designed by SolidRun for servicing a local network of IoT devices with a range of solutions and business applications. SolidSense Edge Gateway is the ultimate IoT solution equipped with high-end connectivity options, modular and flexible design to support customer-specific needs in a variety of form factors.

Based on robust and modular CPU ARM 32 & 64 bits processor, SolidSense Edge Gateway is a feature-rich edge platform designed to provide flexibility for developers and OEMs in implementing an almost endless range of IoT solutions.

Nx Gateway is a family of multi purpose edge computing gateways, versatile, industrial, designed by SODIRA Connect. In order to fulfill exactly the customer needs, SODIRA Connect can build specific gateways using existing product lines. The Nx Gateway offer includes access to a Cloud Supervision software, Nx Manager.

All of our gateways include the Wirepas Connectivity Suite. Wirepas allow monitoring, positioning, provisioning, security, remote updates, gateway drivers, backend services, ensuring fast and reliable deployment for your IoT projects. The connectivity suite comes in 3 different profiles: 5G Mesh, Mesh 2.4 GHz, and Mesh Sub-GHz to best fit your needs. The Nx Gateways by SODIRA Connect are the fist to
propose the 3 Wirepas radio bands.

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